Trippy the chatbot

We trained Trippy the chatbot to answer most questions about psychedelic sessions and more! Although the advice Trippy gives cannot replace medical advice, you can use Trippy to obtain more information. We will evaluate Trippy's answers daily and refine them where necessary.

Start the chat

You can start the chat with Trippy in different ways. Choose a way that suits you best. The chat icon is clickable at the bottom of each page and the chat can be started after entering the email address. Using the buttons below it is possible to start the chat in full screen in the internet browser or via Telegram.

General terms and conditions for use of Trippy

When you use our chatbot Trippy uses, you may submit information such as personal information, including names, email addresses, and phone numbers, in the chat or connected email. Please note that we store the chat history and other information provided by the users of this chatbot on Kommunicate servers for the sole purpose of displaying analytics, generating reports and sending the data to the chatbot platform we use for displaying and processing chats between Trippy chat and you as a user of the chat. Kommunicate and Triptherapie does not expose the personal information of the user of the chatbots to third parties. If you want us to delete all data stored in the chat, you can contact us here.

All information that the chatbot Trippy generates is created by artificial intelligence. The generated texts can never be used as advice and should only be seen as a source of information. The generated answers may only be published with Triptherapie's permission and are the property of Triptherapie (copyright).